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Anthony Turner
I joined GSW in 1998 on a one year placement for my degree course at Aston University. After graduating I returned to GSW and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2003, winning the Christopher Wray Award in the process (for top grades in a small company based in the South East). I became a partner in 2008.

David Mead
I joined GSW in 1984 after completing a foundation course in accountancy at Coventry University, following on from ‘A’ levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry (what a choice!!) and bumming around Australia for a year. I qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1990, and became a partner in 1996. You will often find me at a festival or concert, either trying to relive my youth, or pretending I’m still hip and getting down with the kids! At work I have currently progressed to sitting on a broken chair, love a spreadsheet, subject the rest of the team to my favourite music, and am an expert in ignoring everybody nagging me to tidy my desk!!

James Cattlin
I started working at GSW in 2019 whilst studying for my AAT qualification. Preparing Payroll, VAT Returns, Tax Returns and assisting with the preparation of Accounts are the exciting areas I get involved in! My spare time is mostly taken up by football, supporting and generally being disappointed by, the mighty Spurs!

Lynda Jenks
I began working at GSW in 1984 (child labour!). My initial role was secretary to the now retired and original founding partner, Ron Watts.
Over the years I trained in-house and transferred over to working within the Accountancy side of the business. I specialise in VAT, payroll, Tax Returns and Accounts production. My photo is the moment I was told I would end up working in Accountancy!!

Preeti Taneja
I have been working at GSW since 2008 and qualified as an Accountant in 2012. I specialise in Accounts production, Personal and Corporate Tax and am involved in Audit and Assurance matters. During my time here, I have gained considerable experience in all aspects of accountancy for small and medium size businesses, as well as being educated on David’s music from before I was born!
I am currently on maternity leave, after the arrival of Kyra on Friday 13th (!!) December.

Shaun Privett
I joined GSW on the first week of January 2019, and within a couple of weeks I was enrolled to study my AAT qualification. Prior to this I studied Business & Management at university, which had a couple of accounting modules. I prepare Accounts, VAT, Tax Returns and Business Tax. Believe it or not, I dislike yellow T-Shirts.

Steve Whitthread
The photo is me looking after my first client! Seriously though, I joined GSW in 1976 and have been here ever since. I started off in a very junior role working for Ron Watts who was the owner/ manager at the time. He was such a nice person to work for that I never felt the desire to leave. When he retired he gave me and David the opportunity to carry on his good work and that is what we have tried to instil into our staff as well. Keeping up to date with the latest changes in tax, VAT or accounting standards doesn’t allow a lot of spare time but when I do have some I like to spend it with my family attending events such as motor sport, cycling and football.


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